Millet, Veggie and Lentil One Pot


  • Onion sliced,1cup
  • Oyster Mushrooms sliced,1/2cup
  • Garlic minced, 2cloves
  • Millet rinsed, 1cup
  • French green lentils,1/2cup
  • Vegetablestock,2 ½ cups
  • Bok choy,1/2 cup
  • Sugar snap peas,1cup
  • Asparagus,1cup
  • Fresh herbs, ¼ cup


1-Dry saut é the ingredients; leek, mushrooms and garlic.

2-Now put millet and lentils, toast them for minute and then adding the stock.

3-Seal the lid. Let the ingredients cook for 10 minutes on high pressure. Let the pressure come down naturally. Then open the lid carefully.

4-Now add other vegetables of your liking, bok choy, asparagus and peas, let them sit by replacing the lid. Make sure the millet is yellowish.

5-Stir and put the herbs in it. Take it out in a bowl and before serving, add the lemon juice and sesame salt.

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