Barbie Doll Cake Design, Recipe and Tutorial ❤️????

Barbie Doll Cake Design, Recipe and Tutorial ❤️????

#ilkbaharpasta, #barbiecake, #barbiedollcake Please do not forget to like, share and subscribe my channel if you want to see excellent cake making videos and find novel ideas ❤️????. Instagram: Necessary materials: Sponges: 18 cm round sponge cake. ✔️For the sponge cake 10 eggs 2 cups sugar Half tea glass of hot water 1.5 glasses of flour 1.5 cups of starch 1 packet of baking powder 1pack of vanillin 2 soup spoons of cocoa ✔️ For the chocolate cream: 8 glasses of milk 8 full tablespoons of flour 3 full tablespoons of starch 4 spoons of powdered sugar 2 spoons of cocoa 2 tablespoons of butter 200 g dark chocolate 150 g milk chocolate ✔️ For exterior coating 4 cans of whipped cream food coloring ✔️ For laces Royal icing cream 3 egg whites 250 gr. powdered sugar 1/4 lemon juice ------- Other Barbie Cake Making Videos in My Channel! I suggest you to look at them, too. The most watched barbie cake video of mine: A barbie with a pink dress: A barbie in a wedding dress: A barbie as a butterfly: A mermaid barbie cake:



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