Chocolate Decoration Ideas for Cakes | Flat & Simple

Chocolate Decoration Ideas for Cakes | Flat & Simple

This video introduces a flat and simple chocolate decoration that I often use. Even beginners can easily make it. A simple decoration will make your cake more beautiful. [Notice] 1. I used a compound dark chocolate. 2. Use the cookie cutter you have. 3. The narrow cookie cutter is fragile, so avoid it. 4. IMPORTANT - Don't harden too hard. - It's easy to break when you remove it from the cookie cutter. - I used melted chocolate after refrigeration for about 4 to 5 minutes. - Refrigeration time may vary depending on room temperature. - It is appropriate to harden enough to leave a hand print on the surface of the chocolate. - Work quickly because chocolate keeps hardening while you're working. - If it is too hard, melt it and start again. 5. See how to store it in the video. 3:23 6. Failed or leftover chocolate can be stored and used again later. * Since each work environment is different, it is recommended that you test it yourself.



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