Chocolate Gingerbread House from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Chocolate Gingerbread House from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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Today I'm showing you the first of many Christmas recipes for this year! In today's tutorial, I am making a Chocolate Christmas House, from a gingerbread silicone mold.  You can make a regular gingerbread house if you wish (tutorial here: or you can try out a chocolate Gingerbread House for something new! 

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-Gingerbread Silicone Mold:
-Chocolate- white and pink
-Mike and Ike candies
-Rainbow bits
-Pink jelly beans
-Pink and brown Smarties
-Silver cola balls
-Silver candy covered almonds
-Silver dragees
-Airhead rainbow strip
-Galaxy candy
-White, round candy  
-4 Gum drops 
-4 Rock candy on a stick
-Clear sanding sugar
-Rainbow gum balls
-Mini brown M&M
-Green Life Saver
-White yogurt covered pretzels
-Strawberry Pocky

1. Melt chocolate in microwavable containers on 50% power for 1 minute intervals, stirring after each minute until completely melted.
2. Place silicone gingerbread house mold mats on baking trays. Using the pink chocolate, fill the sides, front and back panels of the house. Fill the roof and doorway with white chocolate. Tap the trays on the counter to remove air bubbles. Place trays in the fridge to harden for 20 minutes.
3. Once hardened, use melted pink chocolate to assemble walls of the house. To help support the sides while the chocolate is hardening, use a can or bottle to hold walls upright.
4. Attach roof with additional melted pink chocolate, using a jar or can to support as necessary.
5. Using pink chocolate, line corners of the house with brown Smarties in a straight vertical line.
6. Windows- using pink chocolate, cover each of the window sills with silver dragees, line the ledges with pink jelly beans, and place a dollop of white chocolate in the left hand bottom corner of each window panel for "snow" and spread snow upwards and to the right.
7.Roof- using white chocolate line roof peak with pink smarties, line edging of roof with rainbow Mike and Ike's.
8. Door- using white chocolate, stick the mini M&M to the door knob place, and attach the wreath and red "berry" accents to the center of the door. Glue in place.
9.Trees- using white chocolate, glue 4-5 green Mike and Ikes together, then 3-4 more on top of the bottom. Repeat again with 2-3 more branches for the tree, and a single candy placed vertically for the top branch. To make the rock candy trees, use a sharp tool to make a guide hole in the top of the white gum drops, and insert the rock candy stick into the hole and stand tree upright.
10.Snowmen- stack white snow ball like candies 2-3 balls high to make snowmen for the yard, using white chocolate to attach.
11. Bushes- cover rainbow gum balls with dripping white chocolate and glue 3 balls together, with one on top.
12.Chimney- using white chocolate, glue rectangle candies together and allow to harden. Cut bottom at an angle to match the pitch of the roof.
13.Smoke- using an Airhead rainbow strip of candy, accordion fold and place a small amount of white chocolate in between folds to glue together. Place a heavy item on top of the folded strip to keep the folds together until the chocolate hardens. Attach to the chimney, and then to the roof of the house.
14. House edging- place a strip of white chocolate on the cake board, and place a silver coca cola ball on top, next to the base of the house.
15. Path- cover the area in front of the doorway with white chocolate and place silver almonds in place on either side of the door, leading to the edge of the cake board.
16. Snow cover-cover the cake board, roof peak, rainbow icicles/lights, trees, and window ledges with white chocolate, and then sanding sugar to give it shine.
17. Fence- using white chocolate, cover the edge of the board with alternating fence posts made from strawberry pocky. To make the fence posts, cut the pock into 1 1/4" long pieces and use chocolate to attach dragees in place at the top of the post.
18. Keep your chocolate gingerbread Christmas house on display for as long as you desire. If planning to consume, keep refrigerated and finish within 2-3 days.

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