Creative Ideas That Are At Another Level

Creative Ideas That Are At Another Level

Crazy, isn’t it? Who would have thought that a simple Starbucks cup would turn into such a beautiful masterpiece! Well some artists just have the ability and the mindset to make the unexpected to happen! But listen, all of these artists started knowing nothing one day. Check out this article about cake art for beginners we posted on our blog ( Check Out These Amazing Artists: ANNA LVOVA Instagram: Youtube: Anna Lvova is an artist from Ukraine who shows great painting techniques to her followers. Everybody can easily learn from her style, her way of creating simple leaves and shapes and her secret materials for drawing. GAL SHIR Instagram: Web: Youtube: Facebook: Gal Shir is a young digital artist. What does it mean to be a digital artist? It means that his pieces are not made on paper. They are made on a digital screen, which make them even more special and mesmerizing to watch! JACKIE OCHITWA Instagram: Web: Jackie is the owner of Balloon Creations. She is an international award-winning balloon artist and instructor specializing in balloon entertainment and decor. She makes the cutest balloons with different theme like birthday party. J.BEN BEACH ART Instagram : Web: Youtube : Jben is a French beach artist. He does sand sculpture and beautiful snow sculpture projects with joyful team Quebecers. Today he puts his skills as a web designer, but treading the sand back for your viewing pleasure on large-scale beach art projects. LEONNIE SPENCER Instagram: Facebook: Shop: Leonnie likes to do artwork and drawings on wine glasses, paper, shoes, bags, t-shirts and phone cases! She draws very good Disney characters and paradox drawing. EDGAR ARTIS Instagram: Upcoming T-shirt collection most of the people don´t think that steel and coffee can be one of the material of art. But Edgar made this things come true. All his artwork shows a strong creativities combined with many strange elements. ARTSY PEACH Instagram: Web: "Don’t worry, Luna is here to make your life more colorful! This young artist is full of inspiration and she paints literally everywhere: on her hands, on her legs, on her face, on a glass, on her jeans, on a mirror, on her shoes, on a guitar, on an LP vinyl record...even on a pumpkin! KATERINA VOLKOVA Instagram: Her point-to-point decorations make Katerina's artwork a unique style. Wallets, Christmas balls, bags...she decorate everything making the world a bit more beautiful! DIMA TKACHEV Instagram: Web: Tkachev Dimavand is a graphic designer based in Minsk, Belarus.vHis specialization is logo design and custom lettering. And jus by seeing his works it goes without saying that he is one of the best on the field! Check out his social media to see more! THOMAS DEININGER Instagram: Web: Well, it’s not easy to describe Thomas’ art. We could say that he collects trash to give it a new life by making 3D murals that can look different depending on where you are standing. You didn’t understand anything, right? Then take a look at his profile, it will easier for both you and us.



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