Front Pull Through Braids + How to Take Out Elastic Styles

Front Pull Through Braids + How to Take Out Elastic Styles

I am so excited to show you this front pull through braids toddler hairstyle today and also show you how to safely take out elastic hairstyles on your toddler without breaking their hair. This is a style that will wear well for a couple of days. Because it is so elastic heavy, I show you at the end of the video how to safely take out the elastics without breaking your little girl's hair. Here's the how to and tutorial on doing this front pull through braids hairstyle: 1. Part the hair down the middle and then from the forehead to the crown. 2. Secure the rest of the hair into a loose ponytail so it is out of the way. 3. Create 5-6 ponytails on the right front section and 5-6 ponytails on the left front section. 4. Once you have the ponytails in, take the first ponytail on the left side, split it in and half and secure it to the third ponytail with an elastic. Pancake the sides of the area you just secured by pulling gently on the sides and sort of feathering it out. 5. Continue this pattern, splitting the next ponytail in half, bringing it around the ponytail behind it and securing it to the ponytail behind that. So ponytail 1 will secure to 3, ponytail 2, will secure to 4 and so on. 6. Repeat steps 4-6 on the opposite side. To safely take out this toddler elastic hairstyle at the ned of the night, pull a portion of each rubber band away from the hair. Clip it with the scissors and it will fall right out. Make sure you have no little hairs in the elastic when you clip. Get our favorite elastics here: Proclaim Rubber Bands: Herbal Essences Spray gel: Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe! Instagram: Facebook:



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