How to Make Chocolate Butterflies | Piped Filigree Designs

How to Make Chocolate Butterflies | Piped Filigree Designs

How to Make a Chocolate Butterfly | Piped Filigree Designs

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To create the piping bags I use freezer bags, please check out my tutorial on how to make them :

Here is a template i created that you can use for the butterfly designs, please follow my Pinterest page for details :

For the chocolate I use Wilton Candy Melts, I find this chocolate gives a strong and sturdy finish and dry very quickly too. You can use other brands and cooking chocolates that will have similar results.
It does set very quickly. I did find my piping bags would dry up and harden quickly too with chocolate inside. But I was able to pop them into the microwave for around 15 seconds and the chocolate melted again. I suggest doing this with caution as all microwaves are different. Another option is to only mix small amounts of chocolate at a time.

I gotta say and this might seem strange but the wax paper I used was intended for burgers. This stuff is amazing !
I have so many issues with rolled wax paper and parchment paper rolling and curling, this stuff is flat and perfectly sized. I have linked it at the bottom of the page. This is thicker and so much easy to use. Please do invest in these if your into decorating.

I found images from the internet on the butterflies, its totally your choice on what style you prefer. And you can also choose different colors also. Be sure to cut them into 2 separating wings. I prefer doing this as the adding the body in a later step gives more stability to the overall finish.
Whilst they dry do not move them around this can lead to breakage, and when you are storing be very careful. These are very fragile can often break.
The sizes can be adjusted to suit you also, in this video I had made a slighter larger butterfly great for cakes, but you can size them down for cupcakes also.
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My product list is below :
Pink candy melts :
Coco Candy Melts :
Edible Gold Dust :
Wax paper Sheets :

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