How to make crazy Mirror glaze cake [ Fruit Cheesecake ] Entremet Cak

How to make crazy Mirror glaze cake [ Fruit Cheesecake ] Entremet Cake

Yogurt Cheesecake Mousse, is a sublime dessert that harmoniously combines the velvety smoothness of cheesecake mousse with the delightful flavors of fresh fruits, white chocolate, and an extra soft sponge. This exquisite creation is adorned with a stunning, ultra-shiny mirror glaze, making it a visually impressive treat as well as a culinary delight. Want to explore more? Check out this video???? ????Mirror glaze recipe ????Chocolate Mirror glaze recipe ????Neutral glaze recipe and spider web effect ⭐Download recipes in PDF. file step by step with photos ( click on the link )???? ????????Time stats ???????? Marcaje de timp 00:00 White chocolate super soft spong / Blat de ciocolata alba super soft 02:59 Fruit Insert | Insertia de fructe 04:46 Cream cheese and yogurt mousse | Spuma de branza cu iaurt 07:17 Cake Assembly | Asamblarea tortului 07:52 Chocolate Flower | Floare de ciocolata 09:21 Assemble Flower | Asamblarea floarei de ciocolata 10:28: Glazing method | Metoda de glasare 11:48 Full recipe | Reteta scrisa Ingredients | Ingrediente ????Sponge | Blat 55g flour | făină 30g milk powder | lapte pudra 100g egg yolks | gălbenuș 100g caster sugar | zahar tos 125g eggs whites | albusuri 40g caster sugar | zahar tos 40g white chocolate | ciocolată albă 40g unsalted butter | unt nesărat 160°c 25min ????Fruit insert | Insertia de fructe 12g cornflour | amidon 70g caster sugar | zahăr tos 60g water | Apă 220g forest fruit | fructe de pădure 5g gelatine | gelatină ????Yogurt cheesecake mousse | Spumă de iaurt 250g cream | frișcă 250g yogurt | iaurt 85g soft cheese | cremă de brânză 85g icing sugar | zahăr pudră 75g cream | frișcă Vanilla 10g gelatine | gelatină Mirror glaze recipe link ???? How to chocolate link ???? Glazura oglinda link ???? Temperare ciocolată link ???? Check out my amazon shopping page to find out the tools used in the video + ingredients All the tools used in my videos | Ustensile folosite in videoclipurile mele Check out my instagram account #mirror #glaze #cheesecake #mirrorGlaze #HowTo



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