Lollipop at home // How to make sugar candy recipe

Lollipop at home // How to make sugar candy recipe

Homemade sugar lollipops is a simple recipe at home. How to make lollipops at home from sugar. Lollipops as in childhood. Sugar lollipops without molds for pouring. How to make sugar candies at home. Homemade lollipops how to cook. Recipe candy made from sugar. Homemade candy recipe. More recipes here: Financial support for products for new videos: . The recipe is "Candy Sugar" Sugar - 200 gr Water - 50 gr Lemon juice - 1 tbsp Cook caramel until 150C and test on a solid ball in water. I pour the lollipops on a Teflon or silicone Mat. You can use parchment paper, but be sure to grease it well with vegetable oil. Subscribe to my channel! :) and Press the bell to not miss a new video ;) Thanks for watching! I'm on YouTube My Instagram My Facebook ° 5% off your purchase at IHerb-bar6316: #lollipop #sugarcandy #homemadecandy



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