Real time gel polish nails. Full step by step in real time from salon

Real time gel polish nails. Full step by step in real time from salon

Hi in this nail tutorial I will show you how to do gel polish aplication. Full gel polish manicure step by step in real-time. ????Check my new website for great nail products used in this tutorial. ????High shine no wipe gel top coat ????One stroke nail art acrylic paints ????Dorota One Stroke Nail art brushes ????Upvoted Perfect Gel Polish ????E-file & bits I'm here with you to give you free nail education ???? to help you expand your nail career. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If so please share it for me ❤❤❤On this YouTube Channel you will learn how to do beautiful nails with style. I offer variety of nail trainings Join My YouTube Membership and see more videos on my You Tube channel you will be helping keep me going with all the Free nail education I provide on my Channel. My social media: ???? [email protected] ???? ????Instagram : @dorotapalicka ???? ???? ????Biography: Dorota Palicka International Nail Artist and Educator My nail career started in 2005 since then nails are my bigest passion, something which completely changed my life. From a K.P work in a kitchen with no English to the International Educator traveling over a continents to share a knowledge, education and a passion to the nails. In 2011 I became an educator, since then I enjoy every single minute spend with my students. As an Nail Educator I’m fully qualified lecturer of further nail education with extensive industry experience - offering my students the very best training available. The aim of my courses is to provide the highest level of training possible, backed with the best support program in the nail training industry to help my students achive bright nail career. I offer online training at In 2018 we launched professional brushes for nail art. available at As an Educator I travel all over the world to teach the newest techniques available on the nail market and that a part of my carrier I will be concentrate in the next few years. At the moment travelling around the world to teach my techniques. I had a chance to show my nail art skills and techniques to artist in Iran, Turkey, Australia, Poland, Netherlands, Iceland.. Dorota Palicka International Nail Artist And Educator is creating Nail art designs, nail structure tutorials, beauty, Nail trends, nails 2021 #nailart #nails #nailtrends #nailtraining #nailtutorial #nailchannel #howtodonails #nailarttrends



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