Strawberry mini cake! Easier than you think.

Strawberry mini cake! Easier than you think.

Hello guys! Happy Valentine's day! I am here with a heart shaped mousse recipe today. It has vanilla mousse, strawberry gelee. It's easier than you think. And it's super delicious!!!! I hope you guys enjoy the recipe ???? ???? Instagram ???? Subscribe ???? Email [email protected] ???? Music Vanilla sponge 3 Egg yolks (60g) Honey 20g 3 Egg whites (105g) Sugar 50g Pastry flour 45g Canola oil 18g Bake at 375F for about 8 to 10 minutes (Baking time can be different depends on your oven and the size of your cake) Strawberry honey jelly Strawberry 220g Sugar 40g Honey 20g Lemon juice 5g Raspberry puree 20g (optional) 2 Gelatin sheets (4g) *After cooking for 5 minutes, total amount was 240g *Yield: 16 gelees (Half sphere) Vanilla white chocolate mousse Milk 95g 1 Vanilla bean (You can use vanilla paste or you can even skip it) 2 Gelatin sheets (4g) White chocolate 125g Heavy cream 130g *Yield 7 Heart mousse. 68-70g per mousse Glaze Water 55g Sugar 105g Glucose 105g (Or clear corn syrup) Condensed milk 70g White chocolate 105g 3 Gelatin sheets (6g) Modeling chocolate White chocolate 50g Corn syrup 20g Green food coloring * How to make modeling chocolate *Heart mold I used in the video Silikomart Amorini 100 63mm x 65mm x h39mm



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