These Cake Artists Are At Another Level ▶ 3

These Cake Artists Are At Another Level ▶ 3

This is the ideal video for those who have a sweet tooth. This group of artist bring creative tricks for making amazing cake’s decorations. Their original designs will absolutely captivate you. Check Out These Artists: MOLLY ROBBINS Instagram: Facebook: Web: Molly Robbins is a cake artist with an exceptional talent. Her stunning pieces have designs that are as detailed as colorful. They will truly amaze you! EMILY Instagram: Also known as britishgirlbakes she has a very popular YouTube and Instagram channel, on which she gives tutorials on how to make amazing cakes. AMY Instagram: Youtube: Amy is a ballet director and dancer who fell in love with bakery. She is self-taught and her cake decoration ideas will make you fall in love! HEBER CLAWSON Instagram: Web: This young and talented artist will amaze you! With only 16 years old he is creating cakes that could easily be among the most beautiful in the world. AZARA Instagram: Youtube: Azara is a total cake lover. Her compositions are defined by challenging forms such as cylindrical pieces and gemstones. The results are simply awesome! SOPHIE COATES Instagram: Sophie wants to make cake simple and beautiful, of course with HEART!! She makes cake with a lot creativities, liner and colorful elements. SALVATORE MARTONE Instagram: Renowned for his exquisite and visually striking pastry creations, he is the Corporate Executive Pastry Chef for all of Chef Joël Robuchon’s restaurants in the US, among many of his other accolades and talents. NICOLAS NIKOLAKOPOULOS Instagram: Facebook: Nicolas is a pastry chef and chemist who mixes his two passions into one. His creations come in different shapes and sizes, he even has a clock inspired dessert! ALLIANCE BAKERY Flickr: Alliance Bakery provides a wide variety of artistic cakes. Their designs are original as well as tasteful. They will surely catch your eye! ELIZA Instagram: Facebook: This amazing cakes are so creative you won't believe they are real. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes...this artist can handle every dessert! LENOVELLE CAKE Instagram: LeNovelle makes customized pieces that are utterly impressive. Their elaborated designs definitely stand out. SWEET JOSIE BAKES Instagram: Josephine bakes fresh custom desserts and gluten free treats for all to enjoy. RENAT AGZAMOV Instagram: Web: Mail: [email protected] Renat is a cake and pastry designer who has no limit when it comes to creating the biggests and wildest cakes. He does incredible architectural designs! GELATIN ART MARKET Instagram: Facebook: Web: This group of artists creates amazing gelatine desserts full of designs. FREED’S BAKERY Instagram: Web: Freed's Bakery's tasty confections are completely appealing. They play with color and texture to get really inventive pieces. Cookies, muffins and cakes! DINARA KASKO Instagram: Web: Mail: [email protected] Dinara gives pastry masterclasses and also creates silicone cake moulds you can buy in her store. Check her unusual creations! KATHERINE WALTON Instagram: Youtube: Web: Kath creates theme cakes and decorations. She shows her followers how to master techniques with different utensils and leads you into making amazing cakes! SUGAR & SPARROW Instagram: There motto is "helping you whip up pretty desserts with confidence and creativity, hopefully sharing a few laughs with you along the way!" NIK AND LILY BAKERY Instagram: Web: This two bakers creates illusions, textures and amazing colors on their cakes. You can find in their pages mousse cakes, macarons, pavlovas...



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