These Talented Artists Will Inspire Your Creativity ▶ 5

These Talented Artists Will Inspire Your Creativity ▶ 5

Make your creativity burst with these amazing artists. These clips will show you great ideas to start your artistic path. With simple materials you can recreate them and most will take a small amount of time. Also, if you still want a bit more inspiration head over our creativities blogs and check what other amazing things you can create! ( Check Out These Amazing Artists: KAREN CHEOK Instagram: Shop: Twitter : Karen likes to use acrylic paint with a very colorful concept to do the artwork on the round stretched canvas. She enjoyed to share the art process with others. CHRISTINA Instagram: Web: Youtube: Christina uses any type of material to show her followers how to use it. She does from lettering with rainbow brushes to floral linocuts. Get inspired and find new techniques on her social media. NODZOMI TERU Instagram: Youtube: Nodzomi is an amazing watercolor artist. She creates the most beautiful paintings of landscapes with deep colors and emotions. KATYA AZEEVA Instagram: YouTube: Workshops: Web: For more than three years she has been studying watercolor on her own. This has become a matter of her life, because now not a single day passes without a brush. She gives master classes, draws paintings to order, and also shares her works on Instagram and YouTube, where she teaches people how to draw. JORDAN RHODES Instagram: YouTube: Jordan is a Chemist and amazing artist who creates portraits using watercolors, pencils and markers. Check the amazing color palette he uses! CARSTEN DAUB Instagram: Web: Youtube: Etsy: Carsten is a German artist, and graphic designer. His amazing artworks are minimal and perfectionist. He also gives free tips and tutorials in his YouTube channel, so go check it out and learn a new artistic style! JEANNIE DICKSON DESIGNS Instagram: Web: Facebook: This artist has really mastered the art of watercolor and hand-lettering designs! Her artworks are full of colors, with lots details playing with the fluidity of the watercolor style, and mostly based on natural elements like animals and flowers. She also works with geometric patterns that contrasts with the simplicity of her style. DADA Instagram: Shop: Shop: Dada is an illustrator who likes to mix the faces of different cartoons. She creates different products with this technique, check them out! MONA EDULESCO Instagram: Youtube: Web: Mona is a textured impasto palette knife painter. She creates colorful landscapes that are full of amazing texture! RIK LEE Instagram: Shop: Rik Lee is a fashion designer and illustrator who loves to portrait people. Her drawings are full of details and emotions. KYRIA & NIGEL SMITH Instagram - Facebook - Website/Shop - They like draw plants and animals and space and mountains and everything. One of their artwork watercolor galaxy is very impressive. SABRINA EPTON Instagram: Website: Sabrina Epton is an artist who creates tattos, prints and some miniature sculptures. She uses geometrical shapes full of colors in her pieces. It is beautiful to look at her creations! MARINA ART Instagram: Youtube: Web: Marina is an oil painter who also gives lessons on this medium. She likes to recreate skies and water sources with a magical touch to them. Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at: [email protected]



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