Twisted Bow Gift Wrapping

Twisted Bow Gift Wrapping

Wrap your gift with a twisted paper bow that also holds a card! ????TIP!???? Please use the gear icon ⚙️ to the bottom right of your screen to adjust the play speed. Affiliate link disclosure: All Etsy and Amazon links are affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase (at no extra cost to you). Commissions for purchases made through my links help support the channel and allow me to continue to provide free content on my crafting YouTube channel. All linked items are ones that I truly love. Thank you for your support! Etsy: Amazon Storefront: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: TikTok: Website: Notes: ➥You will need 2 pieces of paper: 1) Background paper: To determine the size of the background paper, lay box down on paper in the orientation of your choosing. Height of paper (Timestamp: 0:03), will be 1 box length + 2 box heights. Width of paper (Timestamp: 0:05) will be enough to wrap around box with a little overlap. 2) Paper for Twisted Bow: Height is equivalent to the height of the background paper (Timestamp: 0:14). Width will vary depending on how many pleats you wish to fold. ➥Initial pleats on underside of paper (Timestamp: 0:15): First fold a narrow pleat along the paper’s edge. Then, fold an ODD number of folds. I chose to make 9, each about half the height of my index finger but you can make a few more or a few less to the size of your choosing as long as the total is an odd number. After the final fold, allow a little extra paper for a foldback but cut excess paper (Timestamp: 0:22). ➥Fan pleats on face of paper: First, identify the center column (Timestamp: 0:27). Starting with one side of the paper, fold down each center point to meet the center point directly below. You must NOT fold into the center column (Timestamp: 0:34)! Once you reach the center column, flip over paper over, cut out bottom portion of fan (Timestamp: 0:35), bind fan with tape (Timestamp: 0:38), and start the entire process over on the other side (Timestamp: 0:40). ➥Experiment and enjoy! Please subscribe, like, and share this video if it is helpful to you or elicits a smile. It helps to grow the channel. Materials used in this tutorial (*Some items may be unavailable at the time of your viewing): Papers: ➥Red kraft paper: ➥Brown kraft paper: Tying Element: ➥Black satin ribbon (100 yards): Embellishing Elements: ➥Red Berries: From my personal collection. These are similar: ➥Faux Ferns: From my personal collection. These are quite beautiful: . Alternatively you can use real leaves. :) Tools: ➥Scissors: ➥Heavy duty tape dispenser: ➥Double sided tape (compatible with dispenser): ➥Transparent tape (compatible with dispenser): Music from Epidemic Sound: ➥Colors Of An Artist (Claude Signet) Disclaimer: The videos on this YouTube channel are merely for entertainment purposes. If you choose to replicate any action within any video, you do so at your own risk. In no event shall we be liable for any claims, injury, loss, damage or expenses, howsoever arising, out of or in connection with your participation with this activity. Always exercise caution and judgment. Be safe and have fun! © All Rights Reserved #giftwrapping #giftwrappingideas #crafts



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